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Reading through some of your responses, dear FB and InstaFriends, reminds me that I am connected to a group of people with vastly different views on a single event that sweeps the news cycle. A long time ago, I wrote … Continue reading

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Spiritual Awakening

I’m the Lead Pastor at Renovation Church in Portage, Michigan. I’ve been excited about this month of March because I’ve sensed for a while that God was about to stir our church toward spiritual awakening. Our staff team designed a … Continue reading

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One Fast Food Joint

Here’s an okay conversation starter, suitable for family and friends over long car rides or during those quiet moments when everyone’s phone is charging. The question is this: if you could only have only ONE fast food joint stay open … Continue reading

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Jeep, You are Hereby Relieved of Your Duty.

Just a few pics from my crash. There were much worse cars in the lot. Britt and I look at it like this: I’m very fortunate that my injuries weren’t worse. We’re thanking God today. Friends, every day is a … Continue reading

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Jeep Crash

A few days ago, I crashed my Jeep into a tree and rolled it on its side after sliding across the most slippery ice in all of Kalamazoo county. I was momentarily knocked out (“moment” could mean seconds or minutes, … Continue reading

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Contagious & Praise

As you may have read, Lexi had an infection that put her in the hospital. Now I have what she had. Bummer. All I can say is this: I understand why she was in the hospital. I don’t think I’ll … Continue reading

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Lexi Hospital

Friends: Sometimes I’m not sure how much to share online. I want to keep it all close, but, at the same time, I need to let my friends and community know what’s going on. Sometimes my family needs help. I … Continue reading

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Season of Lint

Lent is the 40 day period (minus Sundays) between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Hold on to that fact while we talk about dust for just a moment. 60% of the dust in your home comes from outside. The remaining 40% … Continue reading

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