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Camping – A Dad Journal

Yes, I put the idea into their heads and yes, they asked all winter, into early spring, and even a few times around Easter.  One question, 4 words, 2 boys in unison: Can we go camping? “Soon” “When?  When can we go camping?” … Continue reading

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Proof God Cares

Psalm 8 stuff: You made every star, yet you pay attention to human beings enough to crown them with glory and honor and put them in charge of the earth.  God made it all and runs the heavenly noise, but … Continue reading

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Why We Need Multigenerational Churches

your young men will see visions; your old men will dream dreams… Pentecost Sunday is all about the Holy Spirit pouring into the church, followed by the church pouring into the streets.  Some were confused, others thought that it was … Continue reading

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Al Sabo Preserve in Kalamazoo

Al Sabo Preserve in Kalamazoo is simply amazing and, in my humble opinion, deserves some kind of trophy, if not a classy ribbon. The boys and I checked it out just a few weeks ago.  Since then, we’ve been back … Continue reading

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