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Expanding Al Sabo

If you’re in Kalamazoo and looking for a patch of woods with intersecting trails, a variety of terrain, and stunning views, look no further than the Al Sabo Land Preserve. Since moving here, we’ve spent lots of time hiking, exploring, … Continue reading

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That’ll Never Happen

I’ll tell ya one phrase that hast lost all meaning in our era: “That’ll never happen.” As a kid, I was full of questions and worries about this great big world. That phrase, uttered by a trusted adult, gave finality … Continue reading

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It’s All Temporary

Someone from the church works at the local coffee house. I mentioned on Sunday that I would stop by today, and I did. A stellar decaf latte got the job done. I used to dislike milk in my coffee, but … Continue reading

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Yeah, but… Who Do We Vote For?

Originally posted on (R) Adam Davidson:
? Message preached on Sunday, November 6, 2016 by Adam Davidson at Portage Free Methodist Church? In this series, we’re asking the BIG questions about God, faith, the church, and Christianity in general. For…

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All Saints Day

On today’s customary train-spotting round trip, Lexi and I shared lament that 1) there was no train to see and 2) it is snowing. Lexi isn’t too much of a fan of cold and snow. Like so many of us … Continue reading

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[RadCast] Go to Church & Be the Church :::

There are so many things to stop us from gathering as followers of Jesus. The big barriers — sin, guilt, hopelessness — have been broken down by Jesus. All that’s left is our own decision (Hebrews 10:19-25).

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[RadCast] Healing, Expectation, Promise :::

I’ve been stirring on this all weekend. Curious to hear your thoughts (Matthew 8:14-17). Share if you want.

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Lexi’s Sweet 16

When I was about to turn 16, I believed with my whole heart that I would get a car for my birthday. I imagined a communal effort. If all my aunts and uncles, parents, grandparents, the neighbors, and the guy … Continue reading

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Audio Post

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I can’t begin to tell you how badly I wanted to wake my kids up, fill them with bacon and eggs, and push them out the door to school this morning. No, not because they’re driving me bonkers, but because … Continue reading

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