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Uncle Jessie & Psalm 51

We didn’t know it then, but Uncle Jessie (of Full House fame) had a life verse, and it’s Psalm 51:1a: “Have mercy…” Of course, he didn’t finish the verse, but if he had, he might have said Have mercy on me, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Emmy!

Emmy.  Emily.  Jones.  Amelia. Many names, one perfect wife.  Her birthday is now. We marked the occasion yesterday by hanging out with friends and today by snagging a free half-dozen donuts from Kalamazoo’s finest donut establishment.   There is a … Continue reading

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SpiderCalv and BatArmini-Man

It was while I was speaking to some awesome Senior High teens at Covenant Hills Camp that this came to mind.  I opened the morning session with Q&A, which is typically riddled with questions mundane (do you like cake?) and deep (what is … Continue reading

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Accidental Eavesdropper

I nestled into the seat at gate 12 with plenty of margin time before my flight back to Grand Rapids.  Laptop out, shoes untied, a $19 cup of coffee by my side.  A freshly printed Wall Street Journal occupied the seat … Continue reading

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You’re a year older, LexiBear. Taller. Heavier (in a good way). Stronger (in a strong way).  Those vitamins should come with a warning! More beautiful than ever.  I’ve been praying for your cognitive development for a long time. God has … Continue reading

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GC notes: what does it look like to love God?

Bishop David Kendall, Free Methodist General Conference 2015 “If we truly love God, everything else will fall into place. If we love God, we will love others.” (And, I say, love ourselves rightly.) When we love God: “When God is … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Christian Principle & Christian Ethic

I am grateful to live in a place where we have freedom to worship, freedom to live, freedom to enjoy.  We stand on the shoulders of men and women who gave their lives so we could live in luxurious freedom and abundant … Continue reading

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Inside Out (the movie) (a review) (also RadCast #5)

Jones and I took the boys to see the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out.  It’s solid.  I recommend. This is going to be one of those movies that sticks in the lexicon of culture for a long time because it … Continue reading

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