I am a Northerner

A professor once told me that the older you get, the less you like being in the rain. My Mother-In-Law told me that the older you get, the less you like fast food. But no one has ever told me that the older you get, the less you like the heat. We usually hold that the opposite is true, right? Where do senior citizens retire to? Not the Yukon, that’s for sure. They go to Florida. They go to Georgia. They go to Texas. Besides Nascar, these states all have one thing in common: warmth. Hot winters. Abundant sunshine. Hurricanes. The smell of conch shells, which is due in part to these states using beach debris to thicken up their pavement as seen here, also here.

While we’re not here to talk about shells, we are here to talk about heat. It’s going to hit 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) in south-central Michigan today. 90 degrees in the shade is like 90 degrees (celsius) in the sun. For some reason, this makes me nervous. I think that can be attributed, though, to the fear of abundant sweating and/or bursting into flames. You’d think the sweat would put the fire out, but no.
So here’s my thesis: the older I get, the less I like the heat. We’re headed up to Mackinaw City next week, where it will probably peak in the upper 60’s. I can’t wait. I’ll feel so young.

Graduation Thoughts

Sometimes in my job I end up doing something I don’t normally get to do. Today’s unique task? I’m running sound for an elementary school graduation taking place right here in our church sanctuary. Names are read off, pictures are snapped and pieces of paper are given. Fifth grade graduation is like high school graduation, only the people are a bit smaller. Plus, I’m guessing that these kids are better at parsing verbs than I am. In fact, I don’t even know what that means.

We walk past a milestone in the moment and often have no idea how big of a deal it is. Looking back, my life has been filled with milestones — special events, times, places, people — that at the time seemed so mundane but now are at the top of my “big deal” list. It all boils down to this: some milestones are seen for miles, and others jump out at you in the moment, like the haunted boat ride at the fair. We have no idea the opportunities that have been carved out for us by the incredible sovereignty of God, things that He knows far in advance that will be turning points for our Spiritual journey.

I didn’t realize it until too long ago, but I think I’m passing a milestone right now, spiritually speaking. The Lord is teaching me and showing me how in the past 2 years He was wisely putting milestones past me and/or me past milestones to get me ready for whatever is next.

For many of these graduates, this is a big day that will probably mean more to them years from now than it does today. And you can’t blame them for it, since perspective comes over time. It’s that whole “hindsight is 20/20” thing.

More on Being an Early Adopter

Strange as it may be, I don’t hold a grudge against the Apple Corporation.  Some do, though; especially those who bought the iPhone upon its initial release where it was anywhere between $399 and (whoa) $599.  They may be upset because they see that the new iPhone is now $199 if not cheaper and, adding a pinch of salt to that wound, is at least twice as fast.  And it hasn’t even been that long since the initial release, which makes it even more difficult to swallow.

Technology depreciates all too quickly, I guess, which makes some people feel taken by the very company they love.  But not me.  This is the price of being an early adopter. No more oohs and aahs when de-pocketing the iconic handheld device.  Seldom will people on a bus or in the mall look twice or even ask to touch it, like it’s some kind of electronic relic.  The days of iPhone boast (brought on by the simple status of ownership) are over, as Apple thoughtfully puts it in the hands of just about everyone.

And while everyone else will pay less than half for twice the speed, I will be thankful.  Thankful that I have purchased something that delivers what it promises, remains faithful when other phones have smoke coming out of their speaker ports, and lives up to the dreams embedded in every Steve Jobs speech.  I don’t “love” an inanimate object, but I do “love” that it makes my life (lived with the people I love) easier.

New iPhone 3G

With the new iPhone 3G out, touting twice the speed at half the price, I am now classified as an “early adopter” with my iPhone 1.5G (or whatever it is). 

While I feel good about jumping on to the bandwagon (that everyone else was jumping on), I do feel like my early cash advance of $399 added to Apple’s capital to make a killer ad — which you can catch on their website.  

In related Apple news, the .Mac thing is now something of the past, which I figure is a pretty good idea.  .Mac was rich but very sloooooooooooooooow (note emphatic use of “o”, as in “Oh, man, this is slow”).