Mac OS 10.6

The computer/sideshow guru at  my real job scored some Mac OS updates today at the Apple Store at Briarwood Mall … More

iBook G4 & The New Mac

My old iBook G4, now over 4 years old, has finally started showing signs of age.  Early last year, we … More

Jackson County Fair

Most of the Davidson Family spent yesterday evening at the Jackson County, MI Fair, whose theme was, apparently “Becaged Animals”. … More

It’s Almost Christmas

The kids and I were listening to Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music yesterday — perhaps a little early, yes, but very … More

Outdoor Baptisms

USA Today has a fascinating article about the decline of outdoor baptisms in the U.S.  It reminded me that what … More


Some inane chatter from Mornings at Home on Home.FM: Paula is officially done with American Idol.  Now who’s gonna tell … More