Mac OS 10.6

The computer/sideshow guru at  my real job scored some Mac OS updates today at the Apple Store at Briarwood Mall (Motto: “Yes, this is the line for the iPhone”).  I started updating my office computer and had to leave after about 45 minutes while it was still working, whirring and spinning.  I hope it’s not sitting there waiting for me to answer one of those inane computer questions like “I went ahead and fixed a bunch of stuff that will make you look smarter.  OK / Alright?”  Computers like to ask questions.  The difference is that Macs like to as questions that you know the answer to, like the above.  Sometimes Windows feels like Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

Regis: What is the root directory for C colon backslash hyphen 867 dot 53 slash 09?

Contestant Me: Isn’t this multiple choice?

Regis: You can’t ask questions here!  Abort, Retry, Fail?

Contestant Me: Uh… retry?

Regis: (blue screen)

I’ll probably stop by the office early tomorrow before the morning show and make sure everything is ok. If it’s offered, I’ll chose “retry”.  If Regis is in my office when I get there, I will call the authorities.

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1 Response to Mac OS 10.6

  1. I was at Briarwood today! I just got done installing it. It installed, restarted automatically, and should now be ready and waiting for you in the morning.

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