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The Prayer Meeting Lever

We held our monthly All Church Prayer Hour at Portage Free Methodist last night.  Prayer has been central to the church since day one (Acts 2:42 and beyond) but pfm was especially awakened again to the power of prayer about 15 months ago. … Continue reading

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Give Praise (Psalm 105:1a)

Psalm 105:1a – Give praise to the LORD… I cannot give what is not mine.  If I have a tin of Altoids, I will certainly offer you one.   “Altoid?  They’re curiously strong, ya know…”   I cannot give what is not … Continue reading

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HBD, Lexi!

Lexi went to sleep in her boring old bed with boring old sides and an institutional green mattress and woke up in a vat of balloons — all different colors, some different sizes, generating enough static electricity to power a … Continue reading

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RadCast July 2014, with Special Guest MacD

This is the RadCast for July 2014. In this RadCast, Mac and I spend about 6 minutes talking about Hipster Baby Names.  We got the original idea from this post.  In fact, you can follow along as we highlight a few, … Continue reading

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Echoes of somewhat photographic memory, leading to the expression of gratitude to others, on a Saturday night when I should be doing sermon prep but need a break for second.

Ever since a big hole appeared in the exterior wall of my office, which led to the total condemnation of the room as a functional workspace, which led to all of my books being scattered on shelves throughout the building, … Continue reading

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Lexi BDay

Lexi will turn 10. The big 1-0. Double digits. Tehhnnuh. Emily said “We’re renting a bounce house for her birthday. It will go over there”, pointing to the place in our backyard where the bounce house will go. “She might only … Continue reading

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Driscoll: the early years

Originally posted on (R) Adam Davidson:
I’ve been watching Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill/Seattle for a long time now.  I remember hearing a talk that Driscoll did  at a conference called “Soularize.”  It gave me hope for the evangelical church.  …

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Ready to do *Nothing*

When Emily and I talk about going on vacation, the discussion invariably turns toward the best part of a getaway: doing nothing.  Of course, nothing isn’t truly and literally nothing, because only dead people truly do nothing, unless your name is Bernie … Continue reading

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