Earth, Wind & Fire

We read about it in Acts 2 — the house where the disciples were meeting was filled with a violent wind as fire fell from heaven to earth.

Before the 70’s band, we had the actual event — Earth, Wind and Fire: Pentecost.

Pentecost. It’s a biblical word that means “50” which finds its roots in Leviticus. For followers of Jesus, it’s a huge day as Jesus sends what the Father has promised: the Holy Spirit. Why? To cleanse, fill and send. We are called to spread the Gospel yet clearly instructed not to do it on our own — it is the Spirit that empowers us to go and do the will of the Lord. The Father sent the Son, the Son has Risen, the Spirit has come. And His arrival is marked by a violent wind (Greek=pneuma) and tongues of fire that separate and land on everyone’s heads.

What’s the big deal?

Look at the results. Peter and the others head out to the crowd that has gathered and start preaching. It’s the first Spirit-filled Gospel message after the Resurrection of Christ, so this pie is still hot. They preach, the Spirit has filled and continues to move, and thousands of people come to Faith. This is the pattern for today, even now, as the Father reigns, the Son is still risen (indeed), and the Spirit is still moving, rushing like a wind and burning like a fire. We mark Pentecost this Sunday, and do so not just for the purpose of reliving a historical event; we look at what happened and pray that the Spirit would move again in us. In you. In me. We’re on a mission, and we dare not attempt it without the Spirit’s power. How can do you do Spiritual work without the fuel of the Holy Spirit? It’s like getting into your car, reaching for your keys and realizing that you left them in the house. You’re not going anywhere because even though all the critical parts are there (fuel, engine, wheels, transmission), there’s no spark. To do the work of the Lord, we need the spark. Otherwise, we’re stuck in the driveway, walking around a still car, whistling, kicking the tires and watching sheet metal rust.

We need the spark.

Our church needs the spark.

I need the spark.

Squirrels Have the Power

When I saw this headline, Squirrel Leaves Area Powerless, it brought great alarm to my heart. Squirrels have the power to… take away the power. This happens more often than we’d like to admit. It usually goes like this:

1) Man harnesses electricity and transports it to the far corners of the world, bringing civilization to new heights.
2) Man creates the incredible, making what once seemed impossible a new reality.
3) Squirrel is bored.
4) Squirrel chews wire.
5) Chaos ensues: fire, explosion, and, of course — no more power.
6) Squirrel laughs from wherever squirrels go when they die. *
7) Contents of refrigerator spoil.

On Mornings @ Home, we made up a song about a time that a Squirrel chewed through a live power wire, which fell on a car and caught it on fire, which then sparked a gas line underground. In our eyes, a disaster. In the eyes of Squirrel, a delight.

* I know that squirrels don’t experience an afterlife. I’m not making a theological point — just a joke. A horrible but thought provoking joke. Discuss.

80’s Trivia: What’s This?

Most people will see this image and think — oh — lasers. But some of my fellow 80’s Grammar School pals will see it and immediately smile. Anyone?


This is a background that the School Picture people offered to kids like me from 2nd to 7th grade. Lasers were cool back then (1987-1992), which justified the extra charge of at least 20 bucks for this backdrop, as opposed to the suddenly boring “clouds”.

School Picture Bernice & Floyd (the only married photographic team) pulling the other drop = $20.00
Sitting in front of cool lasers = $priceless $20.00 less for food that week.

RadCast – Baby Wipes

I think we’re ready to unleash this. Every once in a while, I make a podcast, which I shall hereafter refer to as a RadCast. It’s not because it’s rad, like 1983, but because it’s made by a fellow with my initials. RadCasts seek to make observations and connections that are plain to me but not to normal people. Anyway, here’s one.

By the way — I finally discovered a workaround for getting audio on WordPress without paying $. So far, it works. If you’re wondering how, here ya go!


  • Looks like Legos have finally grown up and moved into a place with less color and more smooth. Legos meet Frank Lloyd Wright This makes my ultra-colorful Lego buildings look like a clown threw up.
  • Stop grinning! This is your Driver’s License, for crying out loud! Four states have adopted a “no smile” policy for driver’s license photos. Listen, I’m a happy guy — if there’s a camera, I’m gonna smile. One thing they could do to get people not to smile for the camera is for the guy behind the counter to say “We just got word that your Parrot died (click)”. If they said that to me, though, I think I would make a confused face as I wondered when and how I actually got a parrot. Come to think of it, a confused face would be acceptable because — let’s just come out and say it — no one smiles when they’re confused.
  • Time Warner’s board approves plans to spin off AOL, ending ill-fated 2001 marriage. Is AOL still around? Insert your own AOL Internet CD ROM joke _________________________________.