Malachi Updater 5

We got home last night with little Mac in tow. Well, actually, he was in the back seat, safely restrained according to our state laws. You can’t tow a kid; not in Michigan (lower peninsula)!

The big trick right now is keeping his head safe — can’t bump it, hit it, stand on it, etc. Explain that to an 18 month old and all you get is “ball”. We also have to keep him from sleeping on his stomach for the next six weeks. My mom suggested loosely tying his wrists down, which explains a lot about my upbringing. But it raises a good point — how do you stop a baby from sleeping on its tummy? Answer = Car Seat. It has buckles but its not inhumane. Perfect.

And yes — the car seat is out of the car. It’s in our living room right now, propped in front of that wonderful Elmo’s world. Mmm…babysitting puppets.
152fsesame-street-elmo-loves-you-posters.jpggood thing Elmo loves us…

Thanks for praying for us. Emily and I have a great family & wonderful friends. Psalm 127 says that children are a reward, a blessing, an honor. We don’t take for granted what we’ve got and what we’ve been given through this. We’re thankful!

Malachi Updater 4

Here’s the latest from Room 76 on Mott 6, here in glorious Ann Arbor, MI

  • Malachi has opened both eyes and has since become a different baby — walking, talking, eating, drinking, hitting (like old times)
  • Doctors are happy and think we’ll head home tomorrow — as long as things keep tracking tonight.
  • Mott features “room service” where, instead of bringing you heaps of miscellaneous hospital food, you order from a menu and they bring it up in a matter of minutes. Mac loves hamburgers and hot dogs and has eaten more in the last hour than he has in the last week.
  • We are blessed to have a room at the Med Inn — which is just like a Holiday Inn and is attached to the hospital. It takes us 4 mintues to get from hotel room to hospital room. What it means for me is that I can rest like a big man on a regular bed instead of a couchette. Emily and I work in shifts. I have been sleeping days and working the night shift — which means I will need to adjust once we get home.
  • Tomorrow will mark the first day in a L O N G time that we’ve missed a Sunday. Fortunatley I have a crack squad of talented folks that will more than cover in my absence at SAFMC. Thanks, guys!
  • Malachi Updater 2

    Doctors are still happy with little Mac’s progress. I was praying specifically this morning for the swelling to go down. As soon as that happens, he can open his eyes. As soon as THAT happens, we can go home. Not that I mind the hospital. The folks at Mott Children’s Hospital are fantastic caregivers. We are thankful to be so close to such a fine medical institution. Plus, they have a Starbucks.
    Malachi’s drink of choice, however, has been Pedialyte, though I gave him some Ensure for Kids — much to his surprise. Let’s hope he keeps it down or sends it out the chute. Either would be another step in the right direction.

    Again, thanks to everyone for your prayer, support and encouragement. It’s such a blessing to see the body of Christ at work. It’s good to know we’re not in this alone!

    Denominations in a Flat World

    Friend Ed e-mailed me this AP article concerning the future of Denominations who think from a distinctly North American Perspective.

    “The United Methodist Church is the latest Protestant group caught in the shifting currents of world Christianity. While the American denomination is shrinking at home, its congregations in the developing world are growing explosively.”

    Woven into the article is the ever raging homosexual ordination debate, where the reporter finds that liberalism doesn’t bring strength to the United Methodist movement overseas.

    As United Methodists debate how they should interpret Scripture on issues from salvation to sexual orientation, delegates from overseas will be a steadfast conservative voice in the fight.

    “You definitely see among the African delegations a much more conservative perspective on issues of homosexuality,” said retired United Methodist Bishop C. Dale White, a liberal who oversaw publication of the book “United Methodism at Risk: A Wake-Up Call,” which contends that conservative groups are trying to take control of the denomination.

    If it’s your deal, you can read the entire article here

    If you’re already bored, you can click this preview link for the next LinkFest here.

    Malachi Updater

    Surgery for my son Malachi’s craniosynostosis went very well. The Doctors are happy with his recovery, though nothing can prepare you for the swelling. Poor guy. Once he’s able to open his eyes, they’ll let us check out and go home. We’re all looking forward to that.

    It’s 3:04 AM on Friday. Parents are tired but thankful. I slept from 10PM-2AM and now Emily is getting rest at the Med Inn — where Hospital meets Holiday Inn. Malachi and I now sit and wait…letting antibiotics protect and allowing time for swelling to subside. I know that te Lord is with us and the prayers of His people are making a profound impact. We’re grateful for the love and support we’ve gotten during this time. God is great!

    I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to update the RadBlog, since I unplugged a hospital computer to get this connection. I think its okay, since it comes off of a wall plate that says “parents laptop connection”. I’m a parent. I have a laptop. That’s okay, right?