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Malachi Updater 5

We got home last night with little Mac in tow. Well, actually, he was in the back seat, safely restrained according to our state laws. You can’t tow a kid; not in Michigan (lower peninsula)! The big trick right now … Continue reading

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Malachi Updater 4

Here’s the latest from Room 76 on Mott 6, here in glorious Ann Arbor, MI Malachi has opened both eyes and has since become a different baby — walking, talking, eating, drinking, hitting (like old times) Doctors are happy and … Continue reading

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Malachi Updater 3

At 1:30 AM on Saturday, Mac opened his right eye just enough to see the door & say “bah?”, which, roughly translated, means “It is time for our departure. Bring diapers. Let’s go.” We’re not leaving yet — but we … Continue reading

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Malachi Updater 2

Doctors are still happy with little Mac’s progress. I was praying specifically this morning for the swelling to go down. As soon as that happens, he can open his eyes. As soon as THAT happens, we can go home. Not … Continue reading

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Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality

You know how the stuff you order at a fast food place never looks like the pictures in the menu? Here’s a great collection that’ll surely prompt you to start packing a lunch! Picture of a Burger King Enormous Omlette … Continue reading

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Denominations in a Flat World

Friend Ed e-mailed me this AP article concerning the future of Denominations who think from a distinctly North American Perspective. “The United Methodist Church is the latest Protestant group caught in the shifting currents of world Christianity. While the American … Continue reading

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Malachi Updater

Surgery for my son Malachi’s craniosynostosis went very well. The Doctors are happy with his recovery, though nothing can prepare you for the swelling. Poor guy. Once he’s able to open his eyes, they’ll let us check out and go … Continue reading

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BookSlice: From “The Worship Plot” by Dan Boone

I live among a people of unclean lips” – Isaiah 6:5 & the reality of corporate sin in corporate worship… “We live as servants of Jesus in a sinful culture. The road dust of this world clings to our feet. … Continue reading

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7 Days @ UofM

I’m loading up on books since I’ll be spending the next week at UofM Mott Children’s Hospital. Malachi is having surgery to repair something called Craniosynostosis, a premature closure of the cranial sutures (“soft spots” in your head). While the … Continue reading

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New Format; New Books

Trying to make things easier to read on the ol’ blog. Last format left me feeling a bit bland, like french fries without ketchup. Like Letterman without Schaffer. Like computing without a Mac. I picked up a few books today … Continue reading

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