• Looks like Legos have finally grown up and moved into a place with less color and more smooth. Legos meet Frank Lloyd Wright This makes my ultra-colorful Lego buildings look like a clown threw up.
  • Stop grinning! This is your Driver’s License, for crying out loud! Four states have adopted a “no smile” policy for driver’s license photos. Listen, I’m a happy guy — if there’s a camera, I’m gonna smile. One thing they could do to get people not to smile for the camera is for the guy behind the counter to say “We just got word that your Parrot died (click)”. If they said that to me, though, I think I would make a confused face as I wondered when and how I actually got a parrot. Come to think of it, a confused face would be acceptable because — let’s just come out and say it — no one smiles when they’re confused.
  • Time Warner’s board approves plans to spin off AOL, ending ill-fated 2001 marriage. Is AOL still around? Insert your own AOL Internet CD ROM joke _________________________________.