So glad I didn’t buy the iPhone when I was offered it only 3 weeks ago at the AT&T store.  Apple has dropped the price from $599 to $399, a dramatic change in as little as 10 weeks.  Every time someone would ask if I had the iPhone yet, I’d report that the fundage was low, so I’d have to wait for the price to drop.  “Scoff!” They’d say.  “Buttercups and fairies” they’d exclaim.  “You’re dreaming, rAd”.  
 Maybe so, but it looks like Jiminy Cricket was right: dreams come true.
 I’m glad I didn’t buy it.  I’d be shafted out of $200.  Which should tell you how a majority of early adopters of the iPhone feel.  Hundreds of e-mails were sent to Steve Jobs, which I’m sure contained a lot of symbols and other words that ice road truckers use.  His response is here and is well written, even though he’s only promising $100 of the $200 that was lost.Perhaps even more exciting is the opportunity to buy an iPhone without the phone (just “i”?), which now makes regular iPods “Classic” (just as was used for the Mac’s in the early 90’s).Ah, Apple.


It’s a lazy Saturday at the House of Davidson.  Emily is making up some French Toast and the kids are playing in the living room.  And here I sit, blogging exactly what I see when I see it.  – Malachi likes to use his plastic hammer to do things that only a real hammer can do; also what only an adult should do.  “Mac — don’t hit the walls, hit these plastic bolts”. – Lexi picks up a plastic bag, which is something that any doctor will tell you should not be played with by children.  She loves the sound it makes.  “Lexi — here: play with this instead”.- Emily is dipping slices of bread into egg batter.  Who first thought of this?  Just dip the bread into the eggs?  Well — it’s covered in eggs, now.  We’d better cook it.  How does it taste? Needs syrup?  Here.  What shall we call it? Eiffel tower bread?  French bread? (No… taken).  French egg-soaked bread?  No.  Too long; won’t fit on a marquee.  How about…                                      frenchtoast.jpg   – The crop out back is as high as an elephant’s eye.  This would be good if I were growing corn; instead I have a lawn with a high yield of Kentucky bluegrass.  Who wants seed?tallgrass.jpg