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Zac’s Radio Show

Zac asked me to help him make a radio show.  Zac (6) is Executive Producer, Host, and Music Director (he conducted my vocal parts).  Zac asked me to “put this on the radio”, so here it is on the “radio”.  It … Continue reading

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Nicodemus (Jn 3)

I’ve been thinking about the amazing interchange between Jesus and Nicodemus in John 3.  There is so much nuance to their conversation, and what I’ve plotted below barely scratches the surface of the deep.  This conversation helps me understand why … Continue reading

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Refuge is Quick // Trust Takes Time

[Ps 62:6-8] consider: It’s raining outside and I’m getting soaked.  “Come in or you’ll catch a cold!” and I do (come in, not catch a cold).  Water evaporates as I switch from wetting to drying.  I’m not getting rained on … Continue reading

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All Church Prayer Hour @ PFM

This is the call to prayer we used at tonight’s All Church Prayer Hour at PFM:   Hear the call to prayer!  Prayer is nourishment for the soul, fuel for revival, and communion with the Eternal. When we pray, heaven itself comes … Continue reading

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I Got “Emo Longwhisker”! What Kind Of Cat Are YOU??? (Ps 139 Devotional Thoughts)

I love those facebook quizzes that tell everything about ourselves by asking 5 or 6 questions. What kind of cat are you?  Who will you marry?  Which 60 Minutes reporter are you?   These personality tests tell us more about ourselves than they … Continue reading

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Gas Pump Generosity

What if I told you that you could instantly be more generous?  Gas prices have suddenly dropped, leaving us all 1) surprised and 2) happy.  I was filling up late last week and had a thought: what if I used this opportunity … Continue reading

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How Much Do I “Owe” God, Anyway?

When I first started out in a Lead Pastor role (ha! – I talk like this was decades ago, but we’re talking mid 2012) I naively assumed that as long as you cast vision, people will tithe.  This may be … Continue reading

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