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Like a Kid Casino

We had a brief opportunity where the stars aligned and the moon was in the 7th hour and Jupiter aligned with Mars* to go on a 30 hour vacation with our boys.  What I mean is this: Lexi had someone … Continue reading

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The Church Isn’t

I’m reading a book by Robert E. Webber & Rodney Clapp called People of the Truth.  I make it a practice to read everything that Bob Webber ever wrote, which means that I’ve kept a continual eye for any and all of … Continue reading

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4 Thankfuls

It’s a fine Monday afternoon where I am and hopefully where you are, too.   I was thinking about this and thought I’d put it in a blog post, not to brag but to simply remember. Today I’m thankful to … Continue reading

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verbal sermon notes (ponderings to personally ponder)


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