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Jesus Descended…?

for the ears:   for the eyes: On Sunday, May 25th, the Revised Common Lectionary took us to 1 Peter 3:13-22 — a wide conglomeration of verses, kind of like those variety cheesecakes that actually have 3 or 4 different flavored … Continue reading

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Cornbread Everywhere

The thing about our daughter, Lexi, is that she doesn’t have the inhibitions that burden so many children today.  Down Syndrome + Autism will do that to a kid, I suppose.  No, we don’t let her get away with it, but, … Continue reading

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Audio Lectionary Readings

I truly enjoy spending every week in the Revised Common Lectionary.  As a discipline (defined here as “something I know I should do more often, so I keep striving and sometimes slipping”), I like to record it and listen to … Continue reading

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This Is About My Sister

Do you remember where you were 28 years ago?  I was only 6 years old at the time, but I can vividly remember 10 seconds of this day — May 21, 1986 — with eerie clarity.  I was sitting in a … Continue reading

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YOU WON’T BELIEVE some of these Eye Catching Headlines! Number 7 made me shoot chocolate milk out of my left nostril…

…and I haven’t had any chocolate milk! I am simply making an observation. We choose content because of the wow. Surprises makes us say wow. It’s no wonder, then, that our news feeds have titles like this. I think it’s … Continue reading

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Lectionary Readings – Year A, Fifth Sunday of Easter

Acts 7:55-60 Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16 1 Peter 2:2-10 John 14:1-14

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Time-Life Books are BACK!

Listen here: Links pertaining to this post: Time-Life Commercial from the 80’s News Story about the ReRelease of the Time-Life Books  

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We’re Going to Stop Calling it the Contemporary Service

I was reading through USA Today early this morning and came across a brief story about the sorta-new Michael Jackson album being released by Sony. Here’s a chunk: Posthumous Michael Jackson album ‘Xscape’ released: Even five years after his death, there is no escaping Michael … Continue reading

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Shepherd & Overseer of Your Soul

Yesterday (Sunday, May 11) was Mother’s Day in the US and the Fourth Sunday of Easter in the Church ’round the world.  The lectionary called for 1st Peter 2:19-25, which begins with our suffering, transitions into Christ’s suffering, and lands at the … Continue reading

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Christians Aren’t Perfect, Just Forgiven (1 Peter 1:17-23)

Remember bumper stickers?  You’ve seen it.  Perhaps it’s on your bumper, next to Single ‘n’ Sassy.  Maybe Calvin is there, relieving himself on something… (remember those?) But we’re not here to talk about comic characters named after John Calvin (why did … Continue reading

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