Children Revel in the Joy of Unlimited Resources

Yes, it was our boys wA1RwB8D2I5L._SL1500_ho were begging me to buy them a Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer at Target, and yes, it was me who said if you don’t stop whining, we’ll just go straight to the truck and be done with as much pressure and tranquility as I could simultaneously muster.

We didn’t get it, but, for the sake of my own memory and perhaps the fact that you’re at the same life stage or you remember doing this yourself, here, according to M + Z, are the reasons we should get this Lego kit:

  1. It has Darth Vader!  We don’t have Darth Vader!  Counter: yeah, I think you do, Z.  Counterback: but not this one!
  2. It’s the last one!  This is the last one ever!  (The shelf only had one, but I have the feeling there mighta been more)
  3. It’s only $75055!  (Actually, Z, that’s the model number).
  4. M pointed out this discrepancy and said “Don’t worry, Dad.  It’s not 75 thousand!  It’s just $149.99.
  5. Phew.  Just $149.
  6. So we can get it !?! (sarcasm lost on these young ones)
  7. No
  8. But!
  9. No
  10. I have $2.85 – that’ll help!
  11. Not enough.
  12. Can you get it for my birthday?
  13. ME TOO!?!
  14. That’s $300 bucks for something that will end up in the Lego bins!
  15. Yup.

I do love being a dad to these boys.  I really, really do.  It won’t be long before their common sense catches up with their already strong reasoning skills.  Then I’m in big trouble.

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