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How Do I Know If I’m a Workaholic?

It’s not a question of whether I’m addicted to Workahol. Rather it is these questions here that shed some light on how I view work. …had a realization about myself and about ministry today that I’m still stirring over. So … Continue reading

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How Do I Become A Morning Person?

Good question. You’re probably asking for the same reasons I did: 1. Seems like most people who have it together are up before sunrise 2. I am not a morning person and find the sunrise despicable Some of the hardest … Continue reading

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NBC’s Saturday Night Live has a very cool website flavor. Choose either main or backstage view here. Would it be neat to use this format for, say, a ministry site?

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WireLESS? Wireless-less? Wireful?

From “Can your church use existing wireless systems after 2009? No. Not reliably. Can your church buy a comparable wireless system to the one in use today, that is future proof? No. There are some options, but these systems … Continue reading

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Linkfest 2 – For Planners, Leaders, Bored among us…

Linkfest. Celebrating what’s there. Planning Center Online is a web-based service planner that we’re currently experimenting with. Anything to get away from Microsoft Word based Worship orders. So far it’s working pretty well. We’ll see what it looks like when … Continue reading

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That’s My King

S.M. Lockridge gave a powerful message about the Kingship of Jesus that simply rocks. We used the audio with accompanying video (not of Lockridge but of images with text) in a service not too long ago. Someone was gracious enough … Continue reading

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Albert Einstein Quote of the Day (updated monthly)

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” –Albert Einstein

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