I Got “Emo Longwhisker”! What Kind Of Cat Are YOU??? (Ps 139 Devotional Thoughts)

I love those facebook quizzes that tell everything about ourselves by asking 5 or 6 questions. What kind of cat are you?  Who will you marry?  Which 60 Minutes reporter are you?   These personality tests tell us more about ourselves than they intend.

Meyie couldn't carrrrre less.

Meyie couldn’t carrrrre less.

Psalm 139 — You have searched me, Lord, and you know me.  Truth about humans: we want to be searched and we need to be known.  It’s all in good fun, but, as it turns out, taking quizzes that answer Which Character From Full House Are You?? (I always get Cousin Larry) feeds a deep need inside of us to be known & to understand more about ourselves.

When I go to the airport, my second most stressful part is having to fold myself into an airplane seat (Which In-Flight Snack Describes You Best??).  But the most stressful part is when I’m getting processed to go on the flight. Psalm 139:1 – you have searched me and you know me – might be a good life verse for the TSA, what with their questions and xrays and searches.  Though important, this particular kind of knowledge is not something we long for.  We want to be spiritually known.  Only God can truly know us this way.

So, in application of Psalm 139 and the reminder that we have a human need to be known, I suggest running to God.  He’s already got you hemmed in, anyway (139:5).  In fact, if you try running away, you’ll only find him in the place you eventually stop running (139:8).  Not only will He recognize you, He will love you with an everlasting love as He shapes you, which is what He’s been doing since your humble beginning (139:13).

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