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Halloween & All Saints Day (in a nutshell)

All Saints Day is a commemoration for Christians who have died.  Wide and varied in its winding history through the church, it has its foundings in the pre-reformation era.  Martin Luther and friends decided to keep hold of it as … Continue reading

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Fall Back (to Church) Sunday

I officially declare (as far as my meager role will allow) the following: **November 1, 2015 is National Fall Back (to Church) Sunday!** Here’s what happens: We get connected. We get enriched. We get spiritually formed. Then we get… busy. … Continue reading

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Chase Character, not Cash (Lectionary/Proverbs 22:1)

One of my favorite scenes from NBC’s The Office is in episode 220, Conflict Resolution, where cold cases from the HR file are dealt with in the open air.  Just like in real-life office environments, the employees of at Dunder Mifflin filed complaints … Continue reading

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Song of Songs is in the Lectionary this Week…

Lullabies are for babies. Sesame Street tunes are for little kids.  One Direction is for confused older children.  And then there’s Song of Songs, written exclusively for adults.  Lyrics of love, romance, and even a bit of eroticism.  If God’s … Continue reading

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Shine and Shoot – Psalm 111:1

Psalm 111 is a stairway of praise that starts at the ground level and works its way up, step by step, to the very throne of God. Praise the LORD. I will extol the LORD with all my heart in the council … Continue reading

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Why Does Reading the Bible Make Me Feel “Better?” (Ps 19)

Life is cyclical — recurring events brings predictable opportunities and challenges.  Life is variant — each day presents something unexpected.  Life is constant exchange — we give energy, we get energy, we are emptied and filled.  Complex?  Indeed.  No wonder some days end … Continue reading

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I Got “Emo Longwhisker”! What Kind Of Cat Are YOU??? (Ps 139 Devotional Thoughts)

I love those facebook quizzes that tell everything about ourselves by asking 5 or 6 questions. What kind of cat are you?  Who will you marry?  Which 60 Minutes reporter are you?   These personality tests tell us more about ourselves than they … Continue reading

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