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With Emily

Every once in a while I get invited to lead worship.  Last week it was a Free Methodist Pastor/Spouse retreat in Indiana.  Me and my keyboard(s) and mostly familiar songs — as has been for years now.  But what made … Continue reading

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Funky Sock Day

I would do anything for our daughter.  Today being funky sock day, I’m all about wearing funky socks in her honor.  Down Syndrome is caused by an extra (3rd copy) of chromosome 21*. Therefore on the 21st day of the … Continue reading

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Hubba Bubba, 11 Years Later

I took my son to the Dollar Tree where he bought a 79-cent pack of Hubba Bubba gum for a buck.  Moments ago, I enacted the parent tax (see my forthcoming post) and requisitioned my portion of his earnings.  For the … Continue reading

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Three Largely Unrelated Views of the Apple Watch

Apple CEO Tim Cook, doppelganger to my Jr. High Computer Teacher Mr. Curtis, recently announced the release of the Apple Watch.  Many reports and rumors in the last few years finally reached their conclusion, pushing speculation aside for technical reality.  Thousands of editorial pieces … Continue reading

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That’s Life, Donut Edition

This happened a few days ago at a Michigan grocery store called Meijer.  A lady was pushing an overflowing cart out of the store when a big box of donuts, perched like a crown jewel atop the pile of billowy … Continue reading

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Why Does Reading the Bible Make Me Feel “Better?” (Ps 19)

Life is cyclical — recurring events brings predictable opportunities and challenges.  Life is variant — each day presents something unexpected.  Life is constant exchange — we give energy, we get energy, we are emptied and filled.  Complex?  Indeed.  No wonder some days end … Continue reading

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Chili P

Gonna get me some chili beans and Chili powder Gun powder propels And so does Chili powder The question is this: Which one will be louder?

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Kid Surgery is Scary

As I write this, our 6 year old son is having tubes installed (in his ears, by the way) for the third time.  As far as surgeries go, tubes are a bit easier than the others we’ve endured with our … Continue reading

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Here’s to Yogurt

Emily brought a bag of groceries into the kitchen and let the bounty spill forth onto the countertop, all typical fare from our local grocer conglomerate whose current yogurt prices made the mass purchase well worth it.  Our family goes … Continue reading

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