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Who is Communion For?

Losers.  Communion is for losers. And imperfect people, like the ones who microwave fish for lunch in the office kitchen, and those who slander and gossip and kill and destroy, and for people who hate dogs and love cats, or … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Proximity and Identity

This being Holy Week, I find myself thinking quite a bit about the experience of the first disciples as they witnessed the most important event(s) in human history.  We were created, we fell away, we are being redeemed through Christ. … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday 2017

I both dig and dislike something Joan Chittister writes regarding Ash Wednesday.  I came across the following in her book The Liturgical Year: We don’t have time to waste on nothingness.  We must repent of our dillydallying on the road to God. … Continue reading

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Fall Back (to Church) Sunday is THIS SUNDAY Nov 6!

I officially declare (as far as my meager role will allow) the following: **November 6, 2016 shall be National Fall Back (to Church) Sunday!** Here’s what happens: We get connected. We get enriched. We get spiritually formed. Then we get… busy. … Continue reading

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Spring Belongs to Easter

Yesterday, amid sunny skies and 57 degrees, Zac asked if we could set up the little blue pool in our backyard.  I seriously considered it for about it for a minute but decided it would be a lot of water … Continue reading

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Lent: Some Notes on Fasting

I preached a sermon (tried to, at least) on Fasting yesterday at pfmchurch.  Using Scot McKnight’s excellent book Fasting as a guide, I pointed out four kinds of fasting: Water Fast: That’s where you drink water but eat no food. Juice Fast: That’s … Continue reading

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Advent Wait, Wait…

I like Advent because it’s rude. Advent rudely pushes back against our consumer culture.  Advent pulls the reigns back and says “not so fast, pal.”  I need something to slow me down.  Advent is rude enough to do just that, … Continue reading

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