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New Years Eve has a Christmas Eve vibe to it because we get to wake up tomorrow to something yet unknown, like some kind of fresh start, a clean slate, a brand new shared experience. Sure, we could set goals … Continue reading

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Cafe 80’s… In My Garage

Remember that scene in Back to the Future II (of course you do) where Elijah Wood and Repair Technician 2 (credited) fix the Wild Gunman arcade game in the Cafe 80’s?  One of the kids says “my dad taught me how … Continue reading

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The Little Victories

Having a daughter with special needs changes the landscape of parenting from day one.  What came naturally for our boys over a matter of weeks ends up being a multi-year victory for her.  Take, for example, potty training.  How amazing … Continue reading

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Advent Wait, Wait…

I like Advent because it’s rude. Advent rudely pushes back against our consumer culture.  Advent pulls the reigns back and says “not so fast, pal.”  I need something to slow me down.  Advent is rude enough to do just that, … Continue reading

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Changes at PFM (Third Service)

This Sunday, December 20, 2015, PFM will hold its final Third Service.  We’re stepping forward into a new Sunday morning format starting January 3, 2016, with two essentially identical worship services at 9am and 11am.  I’ll be taking on the … Continue reading

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RadCast 45 – Advent Joy (rogue pink candle)

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Eliason Nature Preserve, Portage MI

How strange it was to be on a hike like this two weeks before Christmas.  After being folded up sick at home for several days, I was so happy to see the outdoors that I took pictures of it, like an … Continue reading

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He who blogged too soon

…is me.  I am the one who blogged too soon. I wrote a post late last weekend about how I didn’t feel well but got better, acknowledged my humanity with a lost day of work and then raised an e-glass … Continue reading

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RadCast 44 – See & Take Hold

Isaiah prophesied that all people will see the salvation of God.  This is the good news of the gospel.  Advent is a time to not just see it but to take hold of salvation, which ends up taking hold of us.

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Humiliating Failure

As a self-protecting, self-sufficient, self-inflicting person, I am addicted to violent overexposure of my energies and abilities, totally unaware of the needle on the redline.  I’m the bus driver that has passengers looking over my shoulder, saying “eh… you may wanna check … Continue reading

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