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New Years Eve has a Christmas Eve vibe to it because we get to wake up tomorrow to something yet unknown, like some kind of fresh start, a clean slate, a brand new shared experience. Sure, we could set goals … Continue reading

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Cafe 80’s… In My Garage

Remember that scene in Back to the Future II (of course you do) where Elijah Wood and Repair Technician 2 (credited) fix the Wild Gunman arcade game in the Cafe 80’s?  One of the kids says “my dad taught me how … Continue reading

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The Little Victories

Having a daughter with special needs changes the landscape of parenting from day one.  What came naturally for our boys over a matter of weeks ends up being a multi-year victory for her.  Take, for example, potty training.  How amazing … Continue reading

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Today our Jedi turns 7.  I’ve been in a subtle state of shock all day, thanks in part to Facebook’s time-machine reminder of a picture I posted of him as a newborn baby, still covered in that miraculous gak.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Advent Wait, Wait…

I like Advent because it’s rude. Advent rudely pushes back against our consumer culture.  Advent pulls the reigns back and says “not so fast, pal.”  I need something to slow me down.  Advent is rude enough to do just that, … Continue reading

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Changes at PFM (Third Service)

This Sunday, December 20, 2015, PFM will hold its final Third Service.  We’re stepping forward into a new Sunday morning format starting January 3, 2016, with two essentially identical worship services at 9am and 11am.  I’ll be taking on the … Continue reading

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RadCast 45 – Advent Joy (rogue pink candle)

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