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Halloween & All Saints Day (in a nutshell)

All Saints Day is a commemoration for Christians who have died.  Wide and varied in its winding history through the church, it has its foundings in the pre-reformation era.  Martin Luther and friends decided to keep hold of it as … Continue reading

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Fall Back (to Church) Sunday

I officially declare (as far as my meager role will allow) the following: **November 1, 2015 is National Fall Back (to Church) Sunday!** Here’s what happens: We get connected. We get enriched. We get spiritually formed. Then we get… busy. … Continue reading

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Choose Joy, Take Risks

In Philippians 2:25-30, Paul writes to the church in Philippi to explain why he was sending a messenger-helper named Epaphroditus back to them.  He was sick… very sick.  Epaphroditus wanted to stay true to his mission of joining Paul in spreading the Good … Continue reading

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Unrealistic Expectations – How BTTF has shaped our cinematic view of the future. 

I’ve been enjoying today’s posts and remarks about how the back to the future predictions have turned out to be so utterly disappointing, either because they were inaccurate or because we don’t have our hover board, etc.  If you think … Continue reading

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BTTF: I did my part

Like any responsible child of the 80’s, I spent this evening watching the Back to the Future trilogy.  Like a responsible father, I made sure that my offspring — children of the 00’s — were watching with me.  As I write … Continue reading

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Tall People & Swimming

I’ve been thinking about how swimming is kinda “eh…” to me, and I realized why: I never really had to.  As a tall child, I was never foot-far from the bottom of the pool.   I recently saw this firsthand at a … Continue reading

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