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Mary Pondered

Mary wasn’t known for too much before being selected to become the mother of Jesus.  She came from a rough neighborhood and had a pretty typical genealogy.  She was engaged to a man named Joseph, who, besides having some distant … Continue reading

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Baby Dedication Diddy

This is a baby dedication diddy.  No, not that kind, as in “the baby dedication was great until the baby made diddy all over the place” — just a little blurb about the mystery of child dedication in the church. … Continue reading

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There’s Something About Mary (the MOJ)

Mary. Just a few questions from a puzzled mind. Granted, I’m working with a fairly basic document that takes broad strokes.  It’s all inspired, no doubt, and I dare not read between the lines too much.  If you’d be so … Continue reading

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The One Good Thing About the Flu

We teach our children to share. Their Monday/Tuesday flu became my Thursday flu.  I was at a meeting on Wednesday night and knew that something wasn’t right.  By the time I got home, I was shivering like a native Floridian … Continue reading

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Advent, Wk 2: On Comfort (and Joy)

I’ve been thinking about comfort for several weeks now.  I didn’t choose it. I’d rather think about pie or something funny Zac said… about pie. I was cajoled into making comfort the word of the week because of the Revised Common Lectionary. One of … Continue reading

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Third Service @ PFM Church

On September 7, 2014, Portage Free Methodist launched a Third Sunday Morning worship gathering at 12noon.  We weren’t sure exactly what we were getting into or what it would even look like.  We had a couple of ideas combined with a lot of sense that … Continue reading

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Brady at the Bat

Most of us have done a bad job at something. When I was working for a control panel factory, still in my pre-journeyman electrician days (which never came), I did a bad job at attaching StaKon connectors to transformers. The … Continue reading

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