Saturday Morning Post

Today is Saturday, October 29th, 2011. Richard Dreyfuss is 64. Malachi came into our room at 8:21AM and said “get … More

Malachi’s Art

My son Malachi is really good at art. He’s 6. He draws better than me. I’m serious. Sometimes parents say … More

Universal Questions

Welcome to my blog subseries: Universal Question. I’m your host, Adam Davidson. Today we examine one of the most complex … More

High Output

Yesterday was a high output day. I watched as Worship Arts interns extraordinaire led, viewing everything from multiple angles while … More

Stories for my kids

I love to tell stories to my kids.  Most of the tales that I tell are character-based, and follow a … More

I’m captivated by Psalm 99:4a (ESV): “The King in his might loves justice.” Psalm 99 is the appointed psalm for … More

Spiders in the Fall

We underestimate the effective jumping distance of spiders. Shiny web strings give account of where a spider has been, putting … More

When I’m in conversation with someone and they proclaim “that’s what I’m talkin’ about!”, I always ask a follow up … More