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“Teamwork makes the dream work”. “T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Acheives More”. A-Team. Team America World Police. The 17 Insufferable (or insignificant or insurmountable – I can’t remember)) Qualities of a Team – Book by John Maxwell. “Team Members” — what … Continue reading

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$ = iPod

Just a quick RadPost about the prevailing winds of global economics and how it relates to mass-marketed consumer electronics. Economists are using the iPod nano as the benchmark for valuing currency around the globe. It’s a way to see how … Continue reading

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My Sunday School Teacher, Mr. Dahlen, gave me my first bible. It was a blue NIV “gift” bible that he bought and gave to all of the graduating 5th graders that year and was very meaningful to me. I’ll never … Continue reading

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From time to time, I’ll post a little diddy about a book I’m reading (not Jack and Diane). It won’t be the whole book but rather a BookSlice, kind of like when someone offers you a whole pizza (I’m thinking … Continue reading

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Apple announced the iPhone today which will be available in June. Can I wait that long? Can I swing the $499 price tag? Do I dare buy the first generation? Anyway, these are exciting times — a handheld device that … Continue reading

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’07 is already one week old. What are you doing to keep growing spiritually? If you’re like me (and I know I am), it’s easy to get intimidated by the managerie of disciplines, strategies and 3-point sermons (sans poem). I’ve … Continue reading

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In case you were wondering about why the weather is so strange…

It turns out it’s not just El Nino, though he plays a part. As I ride my bike around the neighborhood wearing a tee-shirt, jeans and Van’s, I’m wondering if Al Gore is right about this whole global warming thing, … Continue reading

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