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Philosophy + Implementation + Review = doing what we say we do

We’re talking about ministry, though I think these ideas could be applied to any non-profit organization. This is what I use as a grid for “doing” ministry. It works pretty well and holds me accountable in a very simple but … Continue reading


RadHow is now online! RadHow is a place to find out how to do simple things in this complex world. It is a sidecar blog, in that I will take it even less seriously than RadBlog.

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My friend and intern pal brought me a Kazoo from a certain coffee place that tends to use a single letter in their signage.  It’s a large letter B, or, simply, a “Big B” if you will.  Anyway, they’re handing … Continue reading

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I’m sitting at the Ford dealership in Chelsea, MI. We ended up buying a Ford Expedition 30 miles from our home for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they had what we wanted for the right price.  Plus, … Continue reading

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 Emily and I spent an afternoon walking around Indianapolis last week.  I gotta tell ‘ya — we had a grand ol’ time. Indianapolis is between Detroit and Chicago — In size In mass transit In geography In having places to … Continue reading

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