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Happy Admin Pros Day!

We took our Administrative Professionals out to lunch today.  There was bread with those little flavor flecks, whipped butter with those little green flecks, and dessert with a little pointy leaf.  Yep – it was that kind of place.  A nice … Continue reading

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Record Store Day 2017

I was at a local food place when Kate told me that she was working a different shift today because of Record Store Day, which reminded me that Record Store Day is today, and good thing since I likely would’ve … Continue reading

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Quartz Rocks

Our 10 year old son is suddenly interested in precious metals. It began with a can of spray paint and some blocks of wood.  He noticed some pieces of two-by-four that were about the same size as gold bricks.  “Where has your … Continue reading

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Audio Post

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The Difference Between Proximity and Identity

This being Holy Week, I find myself thinking quite a bit about the experience of the first disciples as they witnessed the most important event(s) in human history.  We were created, we fell away, we are being redeemed through Christ. … Continue reading

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