[RadCast] God speaks a beautiful day into existence…(Psalm 19)

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[RadCast] Hard Pressed? Cry out! :::

The Psalmist knows *from experience* that God is faithful. He hears us when we call — or cry out in anguish. He is with us, and his love endures forever. We’re gonna be ok.
No fear (Psalm 118:5-6).

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[RadCast] The Goodness of God (a multi-house party):::

The Psalms are song lyrics. The opening chorus for this one reminds us of God’s goodness and faithfulness in taking care of us. God’s good moves are motivated by love. Join the celebration (Psalm 118:1-4)! 

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[RadCast] It's Not Too Good to be True :::

A Samaritan woman with a reputation ends up everybody around her about Jesus, saying “he knows everything I ever did,” yet she still feels accepted, valued, loved. People believed & were changed — all because of a conversation at a well (John 4:27-30, 39-41).

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I can’t begin to tell you how badly I wanted to wake my kids up, fill them with bacon and eggs, and push them out the door to school this morning. No, not because they’re driving me bonkers, but because I want everything to be like it was last week.

This is mourning. This is what it’s like to accept that something is gone.

“It’s not gone – it’s just a few weeks or maybe months, right?”

No, it’s gone. It won’t be the same. Just like after 9/11. Instead of a Tuesday morning of terror in NYC, it’s a slow crawl of terror across the entire globe. It’s like watching the towers slowly collapse, one floor at a time, leaving us to ponder the loss of a floor just as another floor falls.

Of course things won’t be the same. They can’t be. And that’s about all we know for now.

Another floor slowly collapsed just now — the USA/Canada border just shut down. Slowly, slowly, the towers fall. Pieces of paper and clouds of dust crawl between existing buildings.

Those moments when we watched it on TV in 2001… it took us a few minutes to grasp what’s going on. Scaled for today, those minutes are days…

So much has changed but one remains the same: the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He’s our constant right now. We change, things change, He doesn’t.

He’s not gone. He is here. And He loves us through all this. Find it; it’s there. He’s here.

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[RadCast] Jesus Isn’t Causing This :::

Jesus and a Samaritan woman have a clarifying conversation for our ears today — He simply says “It’s me” as she slowly realizes… (John 4:19-20, 25-26) http://www.radamdavidson.com

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[RadCast] Busted Down a Peg :::

Nicodemus thinks he’s got it figured out. Jesus shows him otherwise. A perfect conversation for Lent (John 3:9-12).

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