[RadCast] Colossians 4:2 – Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

The Apostle Paul encourages us to pray, giving the same directive as Jesus who tells us to pray and never give up. How’s your prayer life? You and I can always wander to the deeper places of prayer, just as the mystery of Christ is endless and chock full of wonder. Prayer = honest conversation with God. He’s listening.

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I think I’ll live blog my birthday today. Mostly so that I can remember what happened the day I turned 39.

5am – woke up on the floor of my sisters house, where she lives with her husband, who also happens to be my brother-in-law. They have a child, who, as it turns out, is my nephew. At 5:07 AM, my sons fight because they bumped into each other in their sleep. The three of us spent the night here. Yesterday was a day of adventure with a trip to the Ford Rouge truck plant where the always outstanding F150 is built. That evening, we met sister and family in downtown Detroit and watched as Santa – actually one of Santas elves – threw the giant novelty switch for the Christmas Tree at Campus Martius. That should be blogged about later on.

Still waking up. Brother-in-law makes coffee. I drink the coffee. The day begins. I brush my teeth with my new toothbrush kit from dentist. Yeah, that’s right, I pay somebody to professionally clean my teeth. A subtle fuzz gives way to smooth enamel.

5:45a – Brother and I head to the gym for CrossFit. I ride the exercise bike as he and his mates exercise on an official CrossFit(tm) kit. I lifted yesterday, and my left arm and back feel angry for it. As an almost 40-year-old, I know better than to hurt myself.

6:32a – Andrew says happy birthday, reminding me that it’s my birthday.

7a – The exercise bike I’m riding is one of those that has the pedal powered fan, generating an invasive yet pleasant breeze in the nether regions, causing my shorts to billow in the most unfortunate way. “This is How We Do It” plays in the background. I think the plan is to go get some donuts after this. I peddle on.

7:45a – donut procurement. Knapp’s.

8:27a – Paco makes bacon, Andrew makes eggs. The donuts are a perfect appetizer.

8:30a – “39? That’s tall!” – nephew

9:19a – breakfast was delicious. Now to play Autobots with nephew!

9:41a – more coffee!

10:15a – my sister got me one of those chocolate orange things that you have to strike before you eat. It’s ok.

11:04a – playing TransFormers with Zac. SuperFun. He’s winning.

12:39p Lunch at Clubhouse BFD in Rochester. We ate in an outdoor biodome. No sign of Pauley Shore.

2:15p – on the way to the Big House…

3:15p – parked the car for 10 bucks, which isn’t bad. Walked the tracks to Michigan Stadium with the boys. Our first time in the Big House. The legend is true. The energy is overwhelming. Truly amazing.

4ish- Indiana wins the coin toss, gives Michigan the ball. Go Blue!

5:37p – this is an outstanding game. I have promised my son popcorn, also known as popped Maize in a blue box.

5:59p – D’oh Blue.

6:18p – Mac got a hotdog and a Coke, Zac got his popcorn, and Michigan is ahead. You’re welcome.

6:46p – Still a great game

6:56p – tonight’s attendance – 110,118. That’s over 200,000 mittened hands clapping together, a dull thud of a sound that is Pure Michigan.

8:40p – we walk to the tracks back to our $10 parking spot — the other win for the night — and hopped in the car and joined in the long winding serpentine headed out of Ann Arbor and back to the real world.

9:23p – us and about 60 other Michigan fans decide to stop at the McDonald’s in Chelsea, Michigan. By now, we have grown accustomed to traveling by herd.

11:10p – finally back home to Portage. All three of us Davidson men are tired, but can’t help but excitedly tell everybody here – Emily and her mom — all that we saw and did.

11:11p – Time for sleep. What a delightful birthday. I love my family so very much. This bday was highlighted by 48 hours with my sons as wonderful Emily and her mom held everything down back home. It’s a good thing Andrew and Sarah gave us those tickets to the Michigan game. That was probably one of the best experiences of my life.

It’s also a good thing I spent 15 minutes on an exercise bike this morning, since I’ve eaten approximately 7,000,000,000 mg of salt and have spent much of the day sitting in the car. I may skip weigh-in tomorrow as an early 40th birthday present.

It is good to be alive. Thank God for so many blessings, none of which I deserve. My prayer is that this 39th year will be one with Christ at the very center of my life.

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I’m planning on spending my 39th year collecting insight from people on how best to turn 40.  40 is a milestone, and I want to draw from the wisdom and experience of those who have both been there and done that.  The farther away from 40 the better, though a 40.01 year old person knows more about being 40 than I do.


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[RadCast] Colossians 3:18-19 Wives, submit — Husbands, love (agapao).

Home is where we become more like Jesus. Why is marriage so difficult? We are called to out-serve each other in a culture that calls for self sufficiency. Only by grace.

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[RadCast] Colossians 3:8-10 — Surgery & Physical Therapy

Jesus takes away our sin and helps us live different lives. In the moment of opportunity, will we speak malice or grace, give in to our anger or step away, spread slander or shut up? Jesus doesn’t take away our freedom to lie. He gives us the strength, in our freedom, to speak the truth.
Salvation/Justification is the surgery — Sanctification is the Physical Therapy afterwards.


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Wednesday November 7, Mostly Cloudy, Windy, Occasional Showers

A day like no other.  My eyes popped open at 5am and I immediately remembered that I never bought full size coffee filters.  The 4-cuppers I have as emergency backups aren’t as deep, so they are easily overcome by the depth of a 12-cup coffee pot’s brewing, causing overflow of coffee grounds into the pot, adding grit to every cup, especially the last.  You don’t know you’ve taken in coffee grounds until they’re in your mouth.  At that point you have a decision to make based on how committed you are to the coffee religion.  Today I scored assistant vicar because I finished one gulp but poured out the rest of the cup.  Now that I think about it, I bet Emily later discovered this when she did dishes.  Sorry Emmy. 

Malachi, like most of his cohort, is young enough to still need a parent to cajole him into taking a shower yet old enough that it’s readily apparent if he didn’t.  I woke him up three times, the last of which he remembered and responded to.  His growing feet slammed to the floor.  Waffles after the mandatory shower and, before we knew it, he was out the door.   

Lexi was already awake and happily so, but not so happy about the prospect of getting out of bed.  She’s different, but she’s like most people in that regard.  The line of thinking goes like this: why should I get out of bed when I can… stay in bed?  A fair question indeed.  There is no satisfactory answer for her.  On school mornings we leave plenty of time for her to have the illusion of Saturday.  Eventually she responds and is off to the races.  Lately she’s been picking out her own outfit.  Good thing Emily was there to filter her selections.   Emily does the same for me. The bus was waiting and Lexi took her time to get on, stopping for at least one dance break in the driveway.  We’re not sure if she’s entertaining the neighbors or doing something from Fortnite.  Either way, it’s from the heart. 

Zac woke up early enough to watch an episode of Gravity Falls, a particularly funny and witty kids show that ended its run far too early.  That’s one way you might tell a TV show is truly good: it gets canned after a few seasons.  Zac, too, had waffles.  Those are good for you, right?  Zac says so.  “Good for the soul” he reports.  I took another swig of grainy coffee and concurred. 

I didn’t have time to go to the gym today so I walked Zac to school then took a walk around the block.  I’d be lying if I said that I never saw a snowflake.  Part of my route took me past some railroad tracks, but, alas, no train.  There’s nothing like a billion ton machine that simply cannot stop barreling along at 40 MPH not 10 feet from you.  Today the rails were quiet and seemed superfluous.  I listened to a podcast about how to be a better… person? Idea haver? Restaurant owner?  It’s all mixed in there.  Do we listen to podcasts for any other reason than to become a better person? 

When I got to the office I was happy to see that Craig brought quiche filled with the fixings of hamburger and cheese for our staff to enjoy.  Quiche!  By the way, did you know you could do that?  This is a brilliant combination: cheeseburger plus eggs plus pie.  Three courses in one.  A trinity of delight.  Tabasco sauce sealed the deal.  We ate and had a staff meeting, then another meeting, then some lunch.  Here’s a fun word to try and spell without looking up: Cacciatore.  I had a Chicken cacciatore sub from a local pizza vendor named Franco.  Turns out Franco was the first person at his polling place for yesterday’s Midterms.  A media outlet did a workup on how proud he was, as an immigrant who came to the US 36 years ago and started a pizza place, to be casting vote number one.  We take so much for granted. 

Meetings.  Meetings and emails.  That’s a big part of what happens in a day.  The stream is constant and sometimes overwhelming but much of the content is life changing.  We’re talking about eternity, blessing, the Kingdom of God, the darkness of the world pierced with the Light.  It’s a blessing, a delight, a challenge, a responsibility.  We ask God for wisdom beyond ourselves as we thank Him for all He’s doing, and that we get to be part of it.  Anybody with an opinion could share theirs with me.  On things like how its going, what happened, what will happened, what so and so did or didn’t do.  I hear you.  A majority of the time I can’t fix it but I hear you every time. 

Now I’m getting ready to head home, but only after a few minutes of a writing exercise that you, dear committed reader, have been part of.  I know that writing is part of what I’m supposed to be doing, so I’m doing it.  Going for an hour of writing every day.  It’s an experiment to see what eventually shows up.  Will it be the Great American Novel or the Great American Cookbook?  Will it be a New York Times Bestseller or a hitless blog post?  To quote Asia, only time will tell.  I learned something about disciplines: you just do them.  You want to lose weight?  You just stop eating so much and exercise.  You want to deepen your prayer life?  Sit your bum down and pray.  I know it, I’m practicing it with some regularity.  It takes 30 days to firm up a habit.  Or 90.  I don’t dare go online to look it up, lest I end up in an endless web search which always leads to Pinterest trying to get me to set up an account.  I will not. 

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[RadCast] Spills (Colossians 3:5-7)


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