Sick Days

The times they are a changin’.  And the kids, they are a sick.  Nothing major, just weird viral infections of some type, probably imported from someplace exotic (like Pier One).

Now Emily has it, which is good because it reinforces the idea that families share things but bad because that which has been shared is debilitating.   Or at least kind of annoying, not unlike that whacky Steve Urkel from the hit TV show Family Matters.

So now Emily has the weird Steve Urkel disease, which means I wear my Dad hat 100% of the time.  I took a sick day, but not for me — for them.  I’m not saying I’m a hero or anything.  Rather, I’m admitting how difficult a decision it was for me to make.  I’m not a work-a-holic (addicted to workahol) but I do like to stay busy.  And sometimes that gets in the way of the thing we’re busy for in the first place.  I’m not sure if that makes sense, but at least I know what I mean.

The kids cry at the drop of a hat — they’re so out of it.  Emily’s not feeling great, either.  So I’m going to go take care of them while the world of work keeps spinning without me.  I’m also going to stop dropping hats.

I Got Shot

We took Mac to the ER yesterday, first just to visit since it’s been so long and second because he had a high fever.   “Nothing a little Tylenol won’t fix”*, I’m sure you’re thinking, as I did.  It turns out to be nothing more than an aggressive ear infection, for which we are thankful.  The treatment?  Just a little hypodermic needle full of antibiotic, injected into Mac’s leg.  He didn’t like it and neither did his parents.  Today he’s limping around (dramatically) saying “I got shot”. “No, son — you got a shot.””No, daddy.  I got shot”He’s so urban. 
*or smeckler’s powder

I want Breakfast Bar

And who doesn’t?  It’s a scientific (unnatural) blend of “fruit” surrounded by the same thing that Fig Newtons are made of — wet cardboard.That’s why I’m so cautious as a parent when my son Malachi and daughter Lexi keep asking for breakfast bars.  I know what they are… and what they aren’t.  Vitamins are a  good thing; maybe I’ll jam some into the breakfast bar while they’re not looking. 

Mammoth Snow

It’s the last big snowfall of the winter (probably) here in Michigan, so all the meteorologists are getting out their best weather clickers and playfully frightening snowman graphics, all to keep us on our toes as the big storm diminishes while inching closer to Michigan.  Why do they always lose strength on the way to Spring Arbor?  Weather forecasts look like this as time rolls on:

  • Up to 15 inches of snow will fall in most of the…
  • We’ll see 6-8 inches of the white stuff. No, wait, make that…
  • 4-6 inches, with…
  • 1-3 inches likely in some back yards…
  • in North Dakota.

Please pardon my cynical nature, but I can’t help but notice that we’re warned (read: I’m thrilled) about the foot-plus of snow that ends up being little more than a dusting on my windshield. I just love big snow.  The kids love it, too.   The sledding, the corncob pipes and button nose, with two eyes made out of old CDs we no longer need.

Winter will soon be done.  And I will miss it.

For suuurree.


I like that Dunkin’s donuts. That’s what my Grandma calls “Dunkin’ Donuts”. Yes, that Dunkin’s. Plural on the dunkins. I love it. She is also known to have said “Taco Bells” as in “go get some Taco Bells”. “Do you want some Burger Kings” is also a common question of my youth, as if the only thing you’d get from Burger King is a uh… Burger King. Get me some Burger Kings.

All that to say this: I got some Dunkin’ Donut coffee grounds from my Grocer’s shelf, which enables me to drink fantastic coffee at home. Granted, it’s not as good as Dunkin’ Donuts coffee you get from the store, but that could be due to the fact that I don’t have any Boston Kreme donuts handy. Why, oh why can’t they come with the coffee from the grocery store? I’ll tell you this: if Dunkin’ Donuts sold “make our donuts at home” kits, I’d buy one. I bet you might, too.