Billboards Reflect Culture

It’s true. Billboards reflect the human heart. Sometimes a billboard tells you that you need an oil change or perhaps … More

I Own The Sun

A woman in Madrid, Spain, claims ownership of the Sun. Not a Sun. THE Sun. As in, the thing that … More

Boxing Day

Today is, of course, Thanksgiving Boxing Day. This morning I am at the studios of home dot fm to broadcast … More

Documentaries Needed?

Like you, I was just ruminating about the movie Man On the Moon, in which Jim Carrey plays entertainer Andy … More

Oh, that TSA

Their job is to ensure the safety of airline passengers and staff. If they go too far, though, people get … More


1. Section of Hershey’s chocolate into mouth. 2. Hot coffee into mouth. 2a. Chocolate reaches melting point. 3. Delight.

Mall Food Diet

If you’re like me, you’ve noticed that it’s really hard to eat healthy on the road. Sure, you can go … More

Movie Review: Due Date

My review of the movie Due Date could best be summarized by this simple sentence: The Movie Due Date is … More