Happy All-Saints Day Eve

Dress up in a costume. Collect candy.Consume candy.Regret eating candy and, sometimes, costume.Yup… it’s Halloween.┬áThis year our plan is simple … More

Pastor Appreciation Month

It’s great to serve on the pastoral staff at SAFMC. We’ve been blessed with many things from many people in … More

Church Orchestra

Trumpets, Trombones, and Tubas. Flutes, French Horns and Flugelhorns. Violins, Violas and Variable Percussion Instruments. We’re building an Orchestra at … More

California Fires

Hundreds of Thousands have been evacuated as wildfires rage on in Southern California. I can’t imagine what that must be … More

Mac’s 2nd Birthday

Malachi scored big time for his 2nd birthday. Besides the cake and candles (which were extinguished before he ate) he … More