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Fat Tire Bikes

I’m planning on buying one of those fat tire bikes.  You’ve seen them around town.  It’s like a Monster Truck and a Huffy hybrid.  My friend Dan said that the nice thing about the fat tire (phat tire?) bikes is … Continue reading

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Confused Plants and Children

It’s only a week after Valentine’s Day (99% off candy sale!) and our Michigan is showing its versatility of weather. A year ago, our hand-shaped section of earth was covered in snow, like a frosty high-five for our astronaut pals. … Continue reading

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Singing what I (should) Believe

Emily and I were in worship yesterday at our local church, which means that we were singing, praying, etc. with a group of people who were also worshipping God.  Already I have used some odd terms, and I wouldn’t blame the someone for … Continue reading

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Here’s What Happened

This will not be an easy post for me to write, and it may not be a very fun one for you to read.  However, the time is right for me to talk about what’s going on in our little … Continue reading

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For a whole array of reasons, our family celebrated the love that my wife Emily and I share with a delightful meal of foods that start with the prefix Mc, as in McNuggets, McChicken, and McFries (of love).  That’s right: we had … Continue reading

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TB (Tom Brady)

Ol’ Tom Brady has won more than his share of Superbowls.  Emily and I were there, digitally speaking, as the first ever Overtime was registered on… whatever the NFL registers these things on.  The tension was palpable, and I’m just … Continue reading

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A Fresh Word on Worship (from 1954)

From Ilion T. Jones, A Historical Approach to Evangelical Worship (Abingdon Press) The liturgical movement is one of the significant movements of our time.  (Not only) is it creating a revival of interest in worship but it is bringing about changes in church … Continue reading

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Audio Post (Mark 1:1-13, the Gospel, read aloud)

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