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Handful of Animal Crackers and a Swig of Milk

My favorite snack as of late is a handful of animal crackers and a swig of Vitamin D milk.  I put 5-9 in my mouth and then marry the cookies (inter-mouthily) with the milk.  This saves dishes (except for a … Continue reading

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Fat Tire Bikes

I’m planning on buying one of those fat tire bikes.  You’ve seen them around town.  It’s like a Monster Truck and a Huffy hybrid.  My friend Dan said that the nice thing about the fat tire (phat tire?) bikes is … Continue reading

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Ripped From the Headlines (RFtH)

Here’s today’s TOP NEWS HEADLINES and spontaneous commentary: Kremlin calls talk of Russian interference in US elections ‘absolute nonsense’   When I hear the word Krelmin, I think to myself “that’s what you get when you mix Kermit the Frog with a Gremlin.” … Continue reading

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On Croutons

I would like to say a few things about Croutons.  What is a crouton?  Some say it is the cornerstone of any salad.  Others say it is a suitable construction material for use as a building cornerstone.  I’m somewhere in-between. … Continue reading

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But, if Chick-fil-A…?

Yesterday was a cardboard envelope full of waffle-fried good news for us Michiganders.  Chick-fil-A plans to open 20 more locations within the next 5 years, all lovingly held within the mitteny border and upper tildae of this fine state.  This … Continue reading

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Used Car

Question: Is there anything more fun than shopping for a used car? Answer: Yes.  In fact, many things are more fun than shopping for a used car.  Even a root canal. Even a root canal?  Yes, because it only lasts a … Continue reading

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Weekend Poll: How Do You Eat Rainbow Chips Deluxe Cookies?

I’ve been eating Chips Deluxe cookies since after school at Grandma’s house.  Those Keebler Elves knew a thing or two about mass cookie production.  Even if they weren’t the very best chocolate chip cookies on the block, there’s no denying … Continue reading

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BTTF: I did my part

Like any responsible child of the 80’s, I spent this evening watching the Back to the Future trilogy.  Like a responsible father, I made sure that my offspring — children of the 00’s — were watching with me.  As I write … Continue reading

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Tall People & Swimming

I’ve been thinking about how swimming is kinda “eh…” to me, and I realized why: I never really had to.  As a tall child, I was never foot-far from the bottom of the pool.   I recently saw this firsthand at a … Continue reading

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Why I’m (“not”) getting the Apple Watch

There’s an article out today that says the über expensive Apple watch is surprisingly cheap to manufacture.  Even at an estimated cost of only $84 per manufactured unit, I think Apple is doing exactly what we have come to expect them to do, … Continue reading

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