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Pentecost 2019

This Sunday (June 9) is Pentecost Sunday — the day the church (since about the 4th century) observes the gift of the Spirit on the 120 believers and the birth of the church (Acts 2:1ff), liturgically symbolized by the color … Continue reading

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Colossians 3:18-22 — My First Response

Welcome to the preacher’s head.  Warning: it’s like a carnival in here.  I’ve been thinking about the message for this Sunday (November 11 2018) at Renovation Church.  I’d love to hear what you think, too.  Feel free to comment.   Don’t … Continue reading

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The Hospitality of God

Fall 2017 is here. Students are back in school, college football is back, the weather is making the slow turn toward Autumn and the trees are swapping their traditional green for an unpredictable mash of yellow, orange, brown, and firey … Continue reading

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Audio Post (Mark 1:1-13, the Gospel, read aloud)

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Fear vs. Faith (Matthew 14:22-33)

I’ve been on a boat but haven’t seen anything as strange as a man walking toward me in the dark, padding effortlessly across the liquid H2O like it were January in Michigan.  It gets cold enough here to freeze the … Continue reading

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New Sermon Series: Hope (Romans 5:1-11)

We start a new series this Sunday called Hope, which is based on a verse-by-verse walk through of a very hope-filled passage in Romans (5:1-11).  Each week brings another installment of a sentence fragment which locks together to make a powerful statement of our … Continue reading

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Sunday Text Messages

People text me while I preach.  At the beginning of each message, I put up my digits and encourage people to text as I speak.  I usually make the following clear, so as to establish protocol: As I’m talking, please feel … Continue reading

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