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Ancient-Future Worship

Here is an excellent summary of Ancient-Future Worship, proposed and propagated by Robert E. Webber, written by Joan Huyser-Honig and Darrell Harris A glimpse from the article: While fewer people today are eager to argue about religion, many “spiritual but not religious” … Continue reading

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Advent = Awkward

When we were young our Mom brought home a peculiar Advent Calendar that had a picture of a creepy lion and some dude with horse legs.  To add to the strangeness, Mom made us Turkish delight.  I can’t speak for … Continue reading

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September 11 — In Context

In his book The Younger Evangelicals, worship theologian and professor Robert Webber writes: The younger evangelicals are marked in a very special way  by the events of September 11, 2001.  They know that the world will never be the same, that … Continue reading

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Who is Communion For?

Losers.  Communion is for losers. And imperfect people, like the ones who microwave fish for lunch in the office kitchen, and those who slander and gossip and kill and destroy, and for people who hate dogs and love cats, or … Continue reading

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Singing what I (should) Believe

Emily and I were in worship yesterday at our local church, which means that we were singing, praying, etc. with a group of people who were also worshipping God.  Already I have used some odd terms, and I wouldn’t blame the someone for … Continue reading

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A Fresh Word on Worship (from 1954)

From Ilion T. Jones, A Historical Approach to Evangelical Worship (Abingdon Press) The liturgical movement is one of the significant movements of our time.  (Not only) is it creating a revival of interest in worship but it is bringing about changes in church … Continue reading

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New Sermon Series: Hope (Romans 5:1-11)

We start a new series this Sunday called Hope, which is based on a verse-by-verse walk through of a very hope-filled passage in Romans (5:1-11).  Each week brings another installment of a sentence fragment which locks together to make a powerful statement of our … Continue reading

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