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Teach Your Children Well

Here’s what I’ve learned as a host to some kind of virus that loosens its grip but won’t let go: We teach our children to share.  “Now you share that pizza with your little brother.”   What we don’t say is … Continue reading

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Cheerios vs. Oatey-O-Shaped Product

I’ve been eating a lot of cheerios; so many, in fact, that we’ve switched to the non-brand cereal as a way to save money.  Most every store sells their own version of Cheerios.  I have to wonder who comes up … Continue reading

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Lose It!

It’s easily the most effective app download on my iPhone, right after the iPod part and, well, the phone part.  And maybe after e-mail and web browsing, then Pac-Man (lite) and then Lose It! — a free application for those … Continue reading

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