Leaders are weird.

I was talking with someone today about the fact that leaders are weird. A leader is someone who lives in … More

RiP, iPhone

After 19 months of faithful service, finger taps, phone calls, e-mails, texts, pictures and a drop or 2, my iPhone … More

A Week at Camp

Being at a camp gives you perspective. I didn’t even actually camp — you know, with the traditional tent, sleeping … More

Camp Juice

I’m speaking/worship leading at a camp this week with a buddy. Last night was the kickoff, where 76 9-12th graders … More

Adam Goes to Dentist

I sat in a dentist’s chair for over 5 hours yesterday, though I can only remember bits and pieces totaling … More


It’s vacation week for the Davidson Family. Our destination was lovely Maumee, OH, where we found a killer deal on … More


This past Friday, I was ordained as an Elder (to be an Elder, to Eldership, to Elder-ness?) in the Free … More