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Last Days at Home.FM

Grandma June (the paper towel czar mentioned here) took me to Radio Shack (note the 1990 vintage catalog here) and bought me the equipment that led to the humble beginnings of my illegitimate radio station that I called WRAD, Garden … Continue reading

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I’m Thinkin’ Image Conciousness

Image is a powerful thing.  If you’ve googled it, you’ll likely not soon forget it… the dreaded Arby’s finger chunk.  I drove by and saw an empty Arby’s dining room and an empty drive through — another powerful image. If … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Paper Towel

Perhaps due to depression-era patterns established long ago, Grandma would always have 30+ rolls of paper towel in her home.  The closet between the back bedroom had a bottom shelf that was dedicated to her favorite brands at the time: … Continue reading

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Abide – John 15:1-8 (for the 5th Sunday of Easter)

Jesus says “I am the true vine.” God says “I am the vinedresser.” You and I say “I will abide in Jesus.” Have you ever wrestled with discovering the will of the Lord for your life?  Read John 15:1-8.  In … Continue reading

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Don Paco, MSW

I had the great privilege of watching my “little” sister graduate with a degree that technically makes her “smarter” than me because she has more graduate “credits”.  Truthfully, I’m quite proud. I held her the day she was born,  my … Continue reading

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