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Midwestern Pilgrimage

Over the last few days, our little family has taken temporary residence in the great state of Chicago, with her flowing river and jagged posture toward beketchuped hot dogs. Zac had to dance for it (literally) before the vendor would … Continue reading

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Walk This Way

I walk with our boys to school this morning, as I do most mornings.  Donning my prescribed Michigan attire, I wore my gym shorts and sandals (because it’s warm) and hoddie (because it’s cold).  The sun was on its way … Continue reading

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How To S’more

Last night we started a fire in our backyard (on purpose) and toasted up some marshmallows.  Getting a marshmallow just right for a S’more is just as much art as it is science.  Anybody can turn a marshmallow into a … Continue reading

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The Wild Game Dinner

Our church hosted a Wild Game Dinner tonight.  I took our boys.They had no idea what to expect.  “What is a wild game dinner?” they asked, to which I replied “it’s a dinner of delicious meats of animals — and … Continue reading

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