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Distractions & Prayer

I struggle with a regular prayer life, which makes me kinda feel like a Lenten Loser.  Lent is the time of year where we’re supposed to get better at the whole prayer thing, not worse.  It’s like spilling coffee all … Continue reading

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Advent = Awkward

When we were young our Mom brought home a peculiar Advent Calendar that had a picture of a creepy lion and some dude with horse legs.  To add to the strangeness, Mom made us Turkish delight.  I can’t speak for … Continue reading

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Advent: Stagnation and Flow

I took this picture while on a quick post-lunch meeting walk.  This is Portage Creek, flowing north-ish toward Kalamazoo.  Behind me runs the Grand Elk Railroad, a straight shot between South Bend and Grand Rapids.  Several trains go through each … Continue reading

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The Hospitality of God

Fall 2017 is here. Students are back in school, college football is back, the weather is making the slow turn toward Autumn and the trees are swapping their traditional green for an unpredictable mash of yellow, orange, brown, and firey … Continue reading

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Dirty Pool

Here’s what happened, since you asked, and you didn’t, but here goes: we’ve had many friends and family over to our house over the past few weeks.  This is a grand gift of kinship and the like, and I for … Continue reading

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How To S’more

Last night we started a fire in our backyard (on purpose) and toasted up some marshmallows.  Getting a marshmallow just right for a S’more is just as much art as it is science.  Anybody can turn a marshmallow into a … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Proximity and Identity

This being Holy Week, I find myself thinking quite a bit about the experience of the first disciples as they witnessed the most important event(s) in human history.  We were created, we fell away, we are being redeemed through Christ. … Continue reading

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