Midwestern Pilgrimage

Over the last few days, our little family has taken temporary residence in the great state of Chicago, with her flowing river and jagged posture toward beketchuped hot dogs. Zac had to dance for it (literally) before the vendor would vend ketchup on his hot diggity dog. After that, our boys were culturally aware enough to ask us, under cover of hand to ear, whether it would be kuth to request ketchup for their fries, which we appreciated. Zac was again ready to do a dance if absolutely required. 

I spent a few hours this morning wandering around downtown, flying solo as the rest of the gang continued their urban slumber. I noticed three things on my journey:

1. Chicagoans walk at the correct speed. Older men in 3-piece suits outpaced me by nearly double. Me and my legs felt good about that. 

2.  Chicagoans seem to prefer Apple earbuds. Their ear canals must be just the right size to keep them in place, whereas I need a headband.

3. There are more Dunkin’ Donuts than there are Starbucks.  I’m not sure why that matters, but I did notice this. Donuts matter, so there’s that.  Just don’t ask for ketchup on your French Cruller. 

Ah, Chicago. 

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