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USPS Email, Printed Newspapers, CodgerTalk™

Did you know that the United States Postal Service (USPS) can email you images of what pieces of mail you’ll get later in the day?  Every morning, ’round 8 or so, I get a message from my friendly Postmaster that … Continue reading

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Remembering Ross Perot

Today, between meetings and a walking lunch, I noticed that billionaire and former presidential candidate Ross Perot died.  Upfront confession: Ross Perot hasn’t crossed my mind in a long time.  Hearing the news brought a jumble of thoughts to my … Continue reading

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I spray painted the shrub in our front yard, ok?

The doorbell rang, making all of us run through the list of what it might be: a neighborhood friend, someone dropping off folded laundry (awesome), an Amazon delivery.  This time it was a lawn-chemical company.  They wanted to talk to … Continue reading

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September 11 — In Context

In his book The Younger Evangelicals, worship theologian and professor Robert Webber writes: The younger evangelicals are marked in a very special way  by the events of September 11, 2001.  They know that the world will never be the same, that … Continue reading

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Metal of Honor

I watched the livestream of today’s Medal of Honor ceremony, an award which is bestowed on members of our military who displayed great courage, performed acts of valor, and stepped up to the call of duty in such a way … Continue reading

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Confused Plants and Children

It’s only a week after Valentine’s Day (99% off candy sale!) and our Michigan is showing its versatility of weather. A year ago, our hand-shaped section of earth was covered in snow, like a frosty high-five for our astronaut pals. … Continue reading

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TB (Tom Brady)

Ol’ Tom Brady has won more than his share of Superbowls.  Emily and I were there, digitally speaking, as the first ever Overtime was registered on… whatever the NFL registers these things on.  The tension was palpable, and I’m just … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve Eve (a poem)

Today is called Christmas Eve Eve, Which comes one day before Christmas Eve Christmas Eve Eve’s today Christmas Eve’s Saturday As we count down the days ’till the day!   There.  I hope this helps clarify our unique measure of time. … Continue reading

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Yeah, but… Who Do We Vote For?

  Message preached on Sunday, November 6, 2016 by Adam Davidson at Portage Free Methodist Church  In this series, we’re asking the BIG questions about God, faith, the church, and Christianity in general. For this Sunday, the questions we’re addressing … Continue reading

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

I did a quick search of this RadBlog and discovered that I have never written about Canadian Thanksgiving, which is a travesty because I love Canada and I try to be thankful whenever possible.  According to the internet, it was long ago … Continue reading

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