All Church Prayer Hour @ PFM

This is the call to prayer we used at tonight’s All Church Prayer Hour at PFM:  

Hear the call to prayer!  Prayer is nourishment for the soul, fuel for revival, and communion with the Eternal. When we pray, heaven itself comes down to the place we meet.  As we pray together, God unites us.  As a loving Father, God listens to His children.

Prayer has a multiplication effect. Did you know that this time of prayer has already been prayed for?  Amazingly, even more prayer will come out of this prayer time.  Prayer stokes the fire in our hearts toward God.  As we grow in our faith, prayer becomes less of a chore and more of a life-giving adventure.  When we pray, we talk with Almighty God Himself!  We aren’t fooling around here, gang: prayer is dynamite!

That’s not to say that prayer is easy.  Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane until drops of blood came out of his pores.  Did He regret it?  Of all the things Jesus could have done in his final moments before his death, why does He spend time asking God to do something God won’t do?   Throughout history, faithful people have spent hours on their knees without getting anywhere close to the outcome they prayed for.  We often don’t realize at the time is how much God is working in us as we pray.   This isn’t about getting.  This is about being.

We had a great prayer meeting tonight.  BOLD prayers were prayed.  If even 1% of what we asked for is given by God — watch out!  We ended the time by saying that we will never be able to fully measure all the work that has been done in just one hour.  I think that’s true.  

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