Squirrels Have the Power

When I saw this headline, Squirrel Leaves Area Powerless, it brought great alarm to my heart. Squirrels have the power to… take away the power. This happens more often than we’d like to admit. It usually goes like this:

1) Man harnesses electricity and transports it to the far corners of the world, bringing civilization to new heights.
2) Man creates the incredible, making what once seemed impossible a new reality.
3) Squirrel is bored.
4) Squirrel chews wire.
5) Chaos ensues: fire, explosion, and, of course — no more power.
6) Squirrel laughs from wherever squirrels go when they die. *
7) Contents of refrigerator spoil.

On Mornings @ Home, we made up a song about a time that a Squirrel chewed through a live power wire, which fell on a car and caught it on fire, which then sparked a gas line underground. In our eyes, a disaster. In the eyes of Squirrel, a delight.

* I know that squirrels don’t experience an afterlife. I’m not making a theological point — just a joke. A horrible but thought provoking joke. Discuss.