Outdoor Baptisms

USA Today has a fascinating article about the decline of outdoor baptisms in the U.S.  It reminded me that what we do at Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church, as well as what our denomination does at Somerset Beach is not as common as it once was.  I’m working right now on the baptismal service that we have scheduled for Sunday, August 23rd at SAFMC.  We will do it outdoors, right on the shores of Lime Lake.  Of course, if it rains, we’ll relocate.  We don’t want everyone to get wet, just baptizers and baptizees.
Baptism is a great way to do something about your faith.  It is a public display of our new birth into the Kingdom of God.   Some denominations see baptism as critical to salvation, others do not (including mine).  Nonetheless, it is an excellent testimony of the grace and power of God through Christ.  I always come away from these services encouraged — I love it when people come to faith and show it so clearly.

Plus, we always have ice cream at our outdoor service.  I can taste it now.  I can also smell lake water.

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