You’re a year older, LexiBear. Taller. Heavier (in a good way). Stronger (in a strong way).  Those vitamins should come with a warning!
More beautiful than ever. 
I’ve been praying for your cognitive development for a long time. God has answered that prayer almost daily. You communicate more. You tell us when you’re happy and when you’re not happy. Like most kids, you throw a fit at bedtime or when you hear “no”.  You hug happy into us. You say the letter R and you say “hi”. Mama says you looked for me when I wasn’t home, saying “da da?”  This makes me so happy and so sad at the same time (because I wasn’t there to be discovered). 
Oh, Lexi. I know that you know God in ways we don’t. You look at us with a knowing look. You understand things we don’t. 
I am so happy to be your daddy. I love you. Happy birthday, my LexiBear. 

I’ll be home soon. Keep it real until I get back.