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Dear Renovation…

Thank you. That phrase doesn’t begin to convey the deep gratitude and joy that comes to mind as I think of how well you loved us and sent us off into the wild last Sunday. I had the chance to … Continue reading

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Jeep, You are Hereby Relieved of Your Duty.

Just a few pics from my crash. There were much worse cars in the lot. Britt and I look at it like this: I’m very fortunate that my injuries weren’t worse. We’re thanking God today. Friends, every day is a … Continue reading

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Happy Admin Pros Day!

We took our Administrative Professionals out to lunch today.  There was bread with those little flavor flecks, whipped butter with those little green flecks, and dessert with a little pointy leaf.  Yep – it was that kind of place.  A nice … Continue reading

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The Consequence of Paying Attention is Wisdom.

I started running church sound at a young age.  Back then we ran everything in the Sunday worship service through an Electro Voice 16 channel audio board, model BK-1642.  Each fader controlled the volume of each individual mic and sound … Continue reading

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9 Great Thursday Makers

I’m wrapping up a great Thursday, May 19, 2016.  Because I want to practice gratitude (and rarely take the time to do so) here are 10 great Thursday Makers — 10 things I’m thankful for: I woke up.  A great … Continue reading

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