Contagious & Praise

As you may have read, Lexi had an infection that put her in the hospital. Now I have what she had. Bummer. All I can say is this: I understand why she was in the hospital. I don’t think I’ll end up there, thankfully, but it sure does make sense. This is very painful. Yesterday was better, today was absolutely awful. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

I lived with Lexi at Bronson Hospital for 5 days, which was just long enough to breathe her air and get what she had. Brittany, there for much of the time, also has it. So there’s that.

We teach our children to share, and then they do.

Lexi? She’s doing great. Life goes on for her, albeit 5 pounds lighter. Me? Britt? With this ailment, it’s not so great. Your mouth gets so sore — it’s like having strep throat everywhere in your head. Tongue, gums, those tubes that connect your throat and ears. Eating is nearly impossible. I tried a pretzel rod, hungry for salt. Chewing it was like eating glass. Every shard of pretzel felt like it was cutting my angry gums. 10/10 do not recommend.

Medicated and hydrated, we press on through the discomfort and await better days.

I keep thinking about how this experience must’ve been for Lexi. How long did it hurt before we knew? How confusing it must’ve been to want to eat food but be stung by innocent bites of oatmeal. There’s so much more going on in her mind than she is able to express in ways we can understand. I believe that, someday, Lexi and I will have full conversations about this.

Now for the praise: 12 hours after I posted the initial ask for prayer, Lexi did a complete turn-around. She pulled out her IV and said, in essence, “I’m done, let’s go home”. Hours later, she was eating and drinking. One more overnight to be sure things were ok, and we were home before lunch on Tuesday.

Thank you for praying, friends. Please keep praying for Britt, for the other kids, and for me.

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